The day before we spoke, you were sitting in the same seat you were in the day before. I asked if it would be alright to talk to you because you were eating. You said “If you don’t mind me talking with food in your mouth” lol. You said the spirits use you to answer my questions. Instead of ending the conversation, I became more interested. I asked you the day before if you believed in destiny. When you said yes, I felt like it was destiny that we sat next to each other. I had started drawing during the conference the day before because that conversation didn’t hold my attention. The next day you were explaining why I felt like drawing and you used an example to explain what it meant. While you explained you said “boxing” as an example. You were still explaining, but I was curious to know why you use “boxing” in your explanation, and you said that the spirits showed you that to use “boxing” as an example. I let you know that boxing is one of my favorite sports, you explained that this is what the spirits tell you, that it comes from the spirits. You explained more things that the spirits wanted me to know. Some people would have thought you were just making these things up, but you had no idea that boxing was my favorite sport. Then we talked about your grandfather and the room our conference was in is his birthday. Again you said something to me that I thought was kind of odd, you mentioned “Numbers,” because I started talking about my dad, and numbers have a strong connection to my dad. My dad could not read or write, but he knows numbers like the back of his hand. You had no clue about my dad. I explained after his passing the same night he appeared to me letting me know he was alright. You didn’t know that I hear voices ( spirits). You used a great quote when you explained the great relationship you have with your daughter, how you parent, and how you give people messages. I reflect a lot on our conversation and my reading. Through our conversation many questions I had were answered. The conversation made me feel like I should be who I was destined to be. You used words that were specific to my life that only I know. You described who I was like we knew each other for years. I struggle with confidence and after my reading I now feel confident to be the person that I should be. Thank you.

-Joel N.